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Sunday, June 24, 2012

How Magic Find REALLY works in Diablo 3

For those of you farming the Acts with magic find gear on at over 200% and wondering exactly what impact it has on your item farming, Blizzard's officially stated that magic find works like it did in Diablo 2:

"% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item" can provide a significant increase in the number of Unique, Rare, and Set Items you find. Players that wish to find "good" Rare Items, and more Set and Unique Items will want to invest heavily in this magical bonus. Just remember, you can never have enough % Better Chance. Increasing your Magic Find Percentage will always help you.

"% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item" does not increase the Chances of getting an Exceptional Item but if you do roll an Exceptional Item the chance of that being Magical/Rare will increase.

How do Chance to Find Magic Items really work?
If you find an item that gives 20% Better Chance of Getting a Magic Item, and a Monster has a 2% chance to drop a Magic Item, you will now have 2.4% Chance of getting that Magic Item.

I have a 100% better chance of getting magic items but I don’t get them all the time why?
This is based upon the monsters chance to drop an item. With a 100% better chance of getting a magic item, a monster with a 1% chance of dropping a magical item would have that random chance go up to 2%.

What exactly are "Magic Items"
Magic Items in this definition include Magic Items, Set Items, Unique Items and Rare Items.

Is there a cap on Magic Find?

Is there an ideal % Magic Find Number?
No. The more the better. Previously a bug resulted a penalty for more than a certain percentage, but this has been fixed.

I heard if you get Magic Find high enough you get all Sets and Uniques
No. This was the case in previous versions due to a bug but that has been corrected (sorry!).

These are the only official numbers Blizzard has released on drop rates. However, these drop rates are percentages for items that drop and are already rare.

It seems to me that Blizzard has simultaneously lowered the drop percentage of rare quality items at the same time they gave all elites a 100% guaranteed rare drop with 5 stacks of NF.

This means that it's very likely that your magic find gear although still working as intended, isn't worth swapping to unless you do it every-single-time you kill a pack. Moreover, you probably won't notice a difference until the long haul, especially if the chance to drop is something like 1% (AKA 2% drop with 200% MF).

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Natalya's Wrath 4-Piece Set Bonus Confirmed Mistake

In a recent Blizzard Blue post, Bashiok confirmed that the upgrade from .42 Disc per second to to 2 Discipline per second is indeed an unintended change on Blizzard's part. However, they're unsure of whether they'll change it back or not as a result of the "fiddling with people's items" backlash they received with the attack speed nerfs.
Yeah that was an unintentional change in 1.0.3, and we've been aware of it. We're not quite sure what we're going to do yet. We're a bit apprehensive because we really don't want to keep fiddling with people's items, even though this makes the set quite good. On the other end, it was an unintended change and so correcting it isn't quite the same as fiddling. In any case, it hasn't been discussed fully and so we don't know yet, and probably won't know exactly what we'll do until next week.
 - Bashiok (Community Manager) Source

Don't fiddle with things beyond your comprehension...

Friday, June 22, 2012

How to Transfer Money to Paypal

If you read the fine print, there's no direct way to transfer currency into PayPal currency.

Essentially, you have your Gold, your Battle.Net Currency (RMAH Buying Power), and $$$ (Paypal)

Does this mean that your hard-earned gold that you sent to your Battle.Net currency is doomed to a future of Blizzard products and subscriptions?!


When you sell an item on the RMAH, Blizzard takes the $1 fee and omits the PayPal 15% fee. While there's no direct way to transfer Battle.Net money into Paypal money, you can however purchase items with Money and sell it via Paypal.

Another, more direct method would be to wait for the Gold commodity trading to activate in the RMAH.

Once gold prices stabilize, it'll be less than trivial to simply purchase Gold with your Battle.Net money and sell it for Paypal money. Note that Blizzard will most likely be taking a 15% RMAH cut along with a 15% PayPal cut, effectively taking away 15% with this method, but it will still be the fastest and most efficient way of transferring.

I am not currency.