Friday, June 22, 2012

Athene Gives Demon Hunter Advice for 1.0.3 Changes

With the sweeping changes to attack speed for demon hunters as well as the change to reflect damage on certain bosses, Athene figured it was time to give another instructional video on how to gear your Demon Hunter class.

In this video he explains how Zunimassa's Journey might be the best in slot boots at the moment combined with the 4 set Natalya's for Demon Hunters as a result of the Disc regen passive.

He does also give out his build and explains that you should be itemizing for Crit and Critical Hit.

However, reflecting on what he says, his build is....REALLY EXPENSIVE and will probably cost you around 80 mill at the cheapest without amazing rolled items.

Personally I've been running monk-esque items on my Demon Hunter since...I own a monk and it seems to be working out pretty well. Glass cannon build for end game certainly seems much more fun though.

One particular specific change that he makes is changing the Sharpshooter mastery to tactical advantage, which is smart, but makes me sad not to see my DPS at ridiculous heights anymore.

What? They cannot nerf Athene!

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