Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Demon Hunter Rage Explosion

With the onset of Patch 1.0.3...Demon Hunters found rage.

  1. Seigebreaker now has Reflect Damage affix
  2. Attack Speed on all items (except quivers) nerfed by 50%+
  3. Nether tentacles now hits large monsters only once, down from a possible 3 times
  4. Mortars now have farther range
  5. Repair Costs are increased - No more graveyard zerging
Naturally, the forums are abuzz with some fantastic quotes:
"I spent $300 on godlike DH gear only to get my damage halved. I want a 50% refund."
"Demon hunters are unplayable now." 
"It's about time Demon Hunters had to build some survivability"
 Meanwhile, players are reporting losses of up to 80k DPS in some cases. Oops.

The way of the old is gone...moving on

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My DH lost 30k DPS from this patch...wtfffff

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