Friday, June 22, 2012

How to Transfer Money to Paypal

If you read the fine print, there's no direct way to transfer currency into PayPal currency.

Essentially, you have your Gold, your Battle.Net Currency (RMAH Buying Power), and $$$ (Paypal)

Does this mean that your hard-earned gold that you sent to your Battle.Net currency is doomed to a future of Blizzard products and subscriptions?!


When you sell an item on the RMAH, Blizzard takes the $1 fee and omits the PayPal 15% fee. While there's no direct way to transfer Battle.Net money into Paypal money, you can however purchase items with Money and sell it via Paypal.

Another, more direct method would be to wait for the Gold commodity trading to activate in the RMAH.

Once gold prices stabilize, it'll be less than trivial to simply purchase Gold with your Battle.Net money and sell it for Paypal money. Note that Blizzard will most likely be taking a 15% RMAH cut along with a 15% PayPal cut, effectively taking away 15% with this method, but it will still be the fastest and most efficient way of transferring.

I am not currency.

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