Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Indestructible Items for Patch 1.0.3

Surely you've all noticed the increased repair costs in Patch 1.0.3 implemented by Blizzard. For those of you squishier characters, you're probably looking for the "Ignores Durability Loss" feature on the auction house.

It's under "Indestructible".

You're probably also thinking that this might be a good way to make money right now, but I'd advise AGAINST stockpiling these types of items at the moment. You might want to flip some for some quick profit since they're in demand at the moment, but honestly it's better to buy items that won't let you die to begin with.

Although dying is inevitable, even for glass cannon types pushing out some extra DPS will let you kill more mobs without dying. Thus, this stat will become largely worthless with inflation and better item drops in the future regardless.

Enjoy the short term profit while you can, but keep your turnover ratio high or you might notice an ever-growing unsellable stash of items looming up...

Dex...Magic Find...Indestructible?!

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I've been making pretty decent money flipping indestructible items for a while now. I definitely see your point where if you don't die you won't need it though lol

While I agree with your strategy, I believe the prices/demand for this affix will rise over time as dying in inferno is largely inevitable and many builds do not require 6 properties. Many only require 3 or 4 props, so one of these extra properties going toward reducing a decent amount of gold loss over time will be economically feasible and will most likely drive up prices of these items over time.

That's a good point, if you can find a 6 prop with indestructible on it then by all means it might inflate to the heavens.

On the other hand, most 4 prop armors with indestructible might not be so worthwhile.

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