Thursday, June 21, 2012

Patch 1.0.3 Inflation Through the Roof on Dex/Vit Gear

If you've been holding onto some dex/vit/all resist gear and play the auction house regularly, you've probably seen some pretty significant jumps in all your gear prices. What was one easily found for 500k~1 mill is now in the 3m+ category, and finding chest armors with reasonable armor values is almost non-existent, with most good-stated armors hovering around 300 armor value for a mill.


With the new changes to Demon Hunters, an ENTIRE new class is buying monk gear, in fact they're buying IDENTICAL pieces (save for the dual stacking, but even that is good). That means that everything monks once used is now twice as expensive, if not more.

Meanwhile...drop rates have been lowered

Even though Act I drop rates are increased, Act 3 and 4 drop rates have been decreased significantly. This means that although Act 1 now has a *chance* to drop nice ilvl 63 items, the overall amount of ilvl63 items in the game has decreased simply as a result of the reduced drop rate from monsters and the removal of magic find on destructible items in the game.

What will this mean for the future?

Status quo. For those fresh monks and DHs starting out, this means that even though monster power in Act 3 and 4 have been nerfed, it will take you just as long to clear the Acts, simply because the value of gold will now get you crappier items. It definitely rewards those who were already almost geared for Act 3, but now makes the rest of the players do exactly what Blizzard intended in the first place...Farm Act 1 over and over and over.

A cherry on top....Ghom is a true terror now

This means the "Act 2 Wall" that everyone struggled to get over is even more impossible now since the removal of the public game level jumping glitch. Those who were stuck in Act 2 but might have been able to clear parts of the nerfed Act 3 now have no chance of getting further than Ghom...unless a kind friend waypoints them of course.

See? This is how Demon Hunters were meant to fight! Working as intended.

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