Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Players Bringing Blizzard to Court for ASPD Nerfs on Items

In a sick twist of the classic case of turning coal into diamonds, Blizzard has instead changed diamonds into coal.

With a 50% attack speed nerf on all items except for quivers, Blizzard has effectively changed items once with perceived values of $250 into items worth half the price in the eyes of its players.

As a result, there are a flurry of lawsuits underway disputing with PayPal for "Wrongfully Describing Item".

Inside the terms of agreement, there are NO REFUNDS.
No Refund. All Auction House transactions are final, and no refunds are permitted except with respect to any statutory warranties or guaranties that cannot be excluded or limited by law.
However, at the same time, if you charged an item to your credit card, you can fairly easily get a chargeback from your credit card company without much hassle. Even though there are ToAs, terms of agreements have been overturned by courts in the past.

Be warned that if you do decide to do this, Blizzard can ban your account if they so choose.

If you're one of the few who choose to spend over $60 on this $60 game though, it might be worth getting that chargeback after all.

Be Still My Beating Heart, will I get a refund?!

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