Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Worst Elite Combinations

Ever run into an absolutely impossible elite pack? Take a screenshot and send it over to! I'll put it up on this page for everyone to gawk at!

In the meantime, here are some text-based fun combos:

Melee's Worst Nightmare:
Wasp with:
- Arcane
- Molten
- Frozen
- Jailer

Ranged's Worst Nightmare:
Lacuni with:
- Plagued
- Reflects Damage
- Vortex
- Mortars

Everyone's Worst Nightmare:
Phase Beast with:
- Invulnerable Minions
- Illusionist
- Horde
- Extra Health

Electrified, Arcane Enchanted, Jailer, Horde

Two ranged mobs with arcane, mortor, nightmare, illusion, desecration, etc.

Desecrator Illusionist Arcane Enchanted Teleporter and also a bug type creature

So tell me, what's the toughest enemy you've ever faced?

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fast frozen waller mortar is pretty gay for dhs

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